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Lisa Apolinski

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Digital storytelling is the future of digital content. And you can develop digital content that also serves as your business development – because you are your business.

Are you hoping to elevate your digital content, become a known personal brand and have authority in your industry? The new shift in digital content is to focus on personal brand storytelling. By sharing the humanity behind the brand, you become relatable and trustworthy.

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Leverage The Power Of Digital Content

A great story makes you credible, helps your audience relate to you and positions you as the authority. By leveraging your personal brand story, you can provide the digital journey for your prospects to learn about you and how you can help them solve their current business issues with your solution.

Content Creation

Are you struggling with creating good content for your digital assets? Or do you simply need content that actually resonates with your future customers? Lisa can create content that showcases your brand and value.

Content Coach

Do you want to create content and learn the secrets of persuasive content from a recognized authority? Lisa’s programs will connect the dots from ideas to strong writing and develop new content on the way.

Content Training Programs

Are you looking to level up your current marketing team into expert storytellers and masters of content strategy? Lisa provides customized virtual and in person training programs for professional development and future-proof marketing strategy.

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Work in your business while working on your business.

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Why Content Coaching? Whether you want to write your own content, hire a content creator or use AI to generate your content, understanding the strategy and use of content as a business development tool is a solid investment. When you invest in your knowledge of your value statement, how you uniquely solve your customers’ problems, and can share that information in a way that is relatable and memorable, you are using your content to establish your authority and market power. With that foundation and content elements, you can add on marketing support, build a strong content strategy, and leverage AI to quickly create content that you personalize to your brand purpose.

Work in your business while working on your business.

Strategic Business Development

Imagine a future where you are working on business development as part of your digital content, and not having to spend budget on it if you don’t want to.

The fastest way to establish being known for your area of genius is by creating content that demonstrates that authority. When your content misses the mark, you are losing opportunities for future clients to envision themselves working with you, and they will move on to a competitor rather than contact you. You have put so much hard work into your business – when they come to explore you and your products and services, what exactly will they find?

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