Why Going Slower Can Be A Good Thing

Lisa Apolinski

In many ways, I embody the pace of digital, where I feel like I am going a hundred miles an hour. Yesterday, the universe slowed me down.

I tripped playing tennis, causing a hairline fracture in my elbow. My joint has to remain immobile, which is making most tasks much slower with just one good arm. But this has also slowed down my frantic pace. I am being selective in my digital engagement and how long I am on my phone. And this slower pace is ensuring every action I take has value, since those actions are taking twice as long.

As we move rapidly into 2020, are there interactions with colleagues that get cut short? Do schedules become the driver instead of activities that provide results? Do our digital paths help or hinder?

I am adding a new goal for this decade: a commitment to striving for balance and allow myself to go a bit slower.