Leverage The Power Of Digital Content

And Your Brand Story

Digital storytelling is the future of digital content. And it is also the future of business development.

A great story makes you credible, helps your audience relate to you and positions you as the authority.

By leveraging your personal brand story, you can provide the digital journey for your prospects to learn about you and how you can help them solve their current business issues with your solution.

Do you feel like you don’t have time to create digital content? Or you are unsure how to develop content strategically so you are known for your expertise and can attract more consistent business?

Imagine a future where you are working on business development as part of your digital content, and not having to spend budget on it if you don’t want to.

These coaching programs have been designed to leverage my 30+ years of digital work with Fortune 500 companies so that you can transform your digital content, get engagement in your messaging, and attract more right-fit clients faster.

This program is also designed to teach you how to tell your personal brand story because no one knows that story better than you!

Work in your business while working on your business.


Digital Content Coaching Program

Transform Your Digital Content In 90 Days

This personalized one-on-one coaching will help you to create communication that builds relationships
with prospects, humanizes your brand and positions you as the expert to work with.

  • Intensive program to get you creating more strategic content and communication on day one
  • Personalized to where your content currently is and where it needs to go
  • Customized schedule to your work load and work weeks
  • Documentation of digital content journey and key strategies for you to continue the work
  • Completed in 12 sessions / 90 days

US$2,997/month for 3 months


JumpStart Digital Content 90 Day Program

Leverage The Power Of Community To Create Your Messaging

This is a group program meeting once a week for 10 sessions where you will learn key strategies around
digital content, discuss your personal branding content with your peers, and receive feedback and ideas
from likeminded business owners.

  • Cover key strategies for transforming your content in 90 days
  • Small group size (maximum of 12) provides peer feedback and support
  • Structured to be weekly on same day and time
  • 10 sessions provided along with one 20 minute call/month with Lisa for more in depth assistance


US$997/month for 3 months


Platinum Personal Brand Messaging Package

For A More Hands On Approach

If you are looking for more direct assistance with your digital content, Lisa provides a Platinum Brand Messaging Package.

  • Digital documentation and benchmarking using proprietary Digital Discovery Roadmap
  • Complete revision of branding messaging
  • Modification and creation of digital content to reflect revised messaging
  • Content documentation and revision completed in 4-5 months so you start with a clean content slate
  • Limited number of clients taken for this program


Package price of US$30,000

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