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Our Services


Recent studies show over 85% of customer engagement happens online. But many organizations either do not understand how to effectively leverage this digital engagement, or cannot keep up with constantly evolving tools and technology.

The experts at 3 Dog Write provide your organization with in-depth knowledge and experience to maximize your digital engagement and increase conversion. From strategic advice and applicable recommendations to direct hands-on support, we are ready to help.

Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

Competitor review, data assessment, marketing tool development and strategic guidance across all platforms to ensure consistency, amplification and optimization

Website Build and UX Support

Website design and build, with a lens toward engagement and conversion with an optimal UX experience

Online Content Optimization

Development of content strategy and promotion, finding your brand’s ‘voice’, communicating effectively with prospects and customers


SEO keyword research, site structure and navigation feedback, site meta-data review, content review

Media Buy

Media buy and management for social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram). Google AdWords set-up, optimization and management

Social Media Marketing

Social media optimization, strategy and execution across multiple social platforms

Email Marketing Strategy

Developing appropriate drip campaigns and engagement, audience targeting and conversion cycle application

Digital Reputation

Review and strategy development to monitor and improve digital reputation, including appropriate handling of negative comments

Emerging Technology Consulting

Review and assessment of emerging technologies to optimize customer digital engagement

Data Benchmarking and Goal Setting

Application of best practices on bench marking and goal setting, appropriate goal setting aligned with conversion

Data Application

Linking data to strategy and business decisions, interpretation of data to drive strategy optimization

Analytics and Reporting

Data reporting set up and automation, dashboard development, reporting segmentation

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Technology Is Key to Optimizing Your Customer Experience and Staff Efficiency

The digital space is nothing without the technology behind it. In working with companies world-wide, we have seen many struggle with their technology infrastructure. Our technology advising services review the lifecycle of both your customer engagement and staff operations to make them as efficient as possible. We believe how you deliver the digital experience is just as important as what the digital experience is.

Current Technology Assessment

Review and assessment of current use of technology for process optimization, non-utilization of key components

Emerging Technology Guidance

Review and assessment of emerging technologies for both optimizing customer digital experience and overall fit within current technology infrastructure

Process Review for Technology Deployment

Assessment of new technologies, development of best deployment methodology, user training and advisement

Best Practices on Technology Usage

Understanding key drivers of technology employment, data capture, and using technology for better efficiency

Operations Technology Assessment

Review and reporting on current use of technology for operations, identification of areas of under-utilization

Business Technology Assessment

Review of technology usage for communication and sharing of best practices and strategies across departments and product lines, training of staff for optimal technology use

Our Training Is Designed for Immediate Impact

Your team’s time is valuable, and training should be appropriate, both for your industry and your team’s skill set. Not only do we provide industry-specific training, our methodology allows customization of training to have an immediate impact on the effectiveness of your sales and marketing team. Whether you need a 15 minute TED-style talk or a 3-day workshop, we are able to work with you and your business goals, engage your participants, and share our knowledge and passion.

  • Sales and marketing lead conversion
  • International lead generation and conversion
  • Creative engagement and output
  • Data collection and processing
  • Data strategy development and application
  • Goal and data setting for retention and reward

We Share Our Passion Through Public Speaking Engagements

CEO Lisa Apolinski is an international speaker and recognized thought leader on digital engagement, emerging technology, and content strategy. She regularly speaks at conferences, trade shows, and company events.

You can request Lisa as a speaker.

Recent Keynotes

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