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Lisa is an internationally-recognized author and expert in digital marketing and content creation. Her books provide insight and actionable steps to take to move the digital needle for stronger business development and increased authority power. Discover her books below.

The Most Amazing Marketing Book Ever

What do you get when 35 experts are brought together to share their knowledge and tips in a community book project? Something amazing!

This book, the first of its kind, provides 350 usable marketing tips covering every area of marketing that your small business needs today: from content marketing to personal branding, customer experience to digital engagement, social proof to AI. More than 700 years of expertise from 10 different countries were assembled by one of the most effective marketers in the world: Mark Schaefer. Already an Amazon #1 best selling marketing book, this will transform your business as you navigate all the marketing nuances in the current digital world.

"Bestselling author Mark Schaefer gathered some of his smartest friends and issued a challenge to write a chapter with 10 inspiring marketing ideas. Lisa is one of those friends."

Grow Your Market Share In A Zombie Apocalypse

We live in unpredictable and unstable times. We have lived through recessions, scandals, pandemics, and natural disasters. It starts to make you think “What’s next?” Maybe we will finally see the zombie apocalypse of our nightmares.

How then as business leaders do you continue to operate and grow a successful company, surrounded by so much uncertainty? This book identifies the four essential habits in surviving a zombie apocalypse (or other unimaginable events) so you focus your habit-forming skills on the actions that will have an immediate impact on your business, no matter what is happening. By practicing these habits over and over now, you will be able to switch yourself and your organization into taking appropriate action when the next situation approaches.

"We have lived through recessions, scandals, pandemics, and natural disasters. It starts to make you think “What’s next?” But that doesn’t mean you need to be ill-prepared."

Persuade With A Digital Content Story!

Consumers are hungry for good digital content. Storytelling can persuade potential clients to connect with your brand on a human level, trust your brand promise, and become a repeat customer, even during uncertain economic times. That means happier clients and consistent revenue streams for organizations.

In this book you will discover the different types of stories that matter, along with a blueprint for developing short stories that can have an immediate impact on your marketing. If you want lessons on how to improve your persuasion power, with a dash of wry humor thrown in, then Persuade With a Digital Content Story! is the book for you.

This book was named one of the top content marketing books in the world by Book Authority.

"People are hardwired for stories, and your story matters. Sharing your area of genius in a story format taps into that understanding. And who doesn’t love a good story?"

Weathering The Digital Storm

Weathering the Digital Storm will help prepare you and your organizations for the potentially perilous and ever-changing road ahead in the digital revolution. Digital growth strategies will need to be reimagined constantly to continue to be effective. Though you are never finished with your digital strategy this book will give you the tools to keep pace with the current technologies and be prepared for the discoveries to come.

"Digital marketing is like a climb with no summit. But this climb, while continuous and difficult at times, can bring insight, growth, and strength to your organization."

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