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3 Dog Write Inc. was founded in 2012, and as a fast-growing digital agency, focuses on providing digital marketing, business and technology consulting, and training to a variety of industries around the globe. Whatever our engagement, we strive to incorporate client data to develop a truly customized, and measurable, strategy to have the greatest impact.

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Lisa Apolinski

Lisa Apolinski, CMC is the CEO of 3 Dog Write, a company she founded in 2012.

She takes best practices from her 30+ years of working with Fortune 500s to coach agencies and business owners on using their personal brand stories to attract more right-fit clients.

She has written several books, including Persuade With A Digital Content Story, named one of the top content marketing books in the world and most recently as a co-author on The Most Amazing Marketing Book Ever, an Amazon #1 new release.

Certified Management Consultant, IMC, USA

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Coaching From A Digital Insider

Are you hoping to elevate your digital content, become a known personal brand and have authority in your industry? The new shift in digital content is to focus on personal brand storytelling. By sharing the humanity behind the brand, you become relatable and trustworthy.

Clients have shared that they struggle with two key content roadblocks:

They know they should be creating content for better marketing, but they need to focus on running their business. They want to create better content, but don’t have the time, resources or budget to do so.

By getting past these roadblocks, you can create organic business development opportunities that don’t cost extra money, have the authority recognition you want, and attract clients who know you and are ready to buy.

Leverage the power of content to be your business development tool and elevate your personal brand.

3 Dog Write Contributions

Lisa Apolinski has been quoted and featured in many publications throughout her career. As one of the top digital growth strategies in the world for her digital engagement strategy and methodology, she works with many industries and organizations to master the art of digital communication

Featured, Quoted, Trusted

In Forbes, she was quoted on her digital marketing growth strategies, including top tips for better growth in the digital space. She discussed the seven questions to ask when seeking influencers in your own organization with PR News. With her focus on the best user experience, she has shared many useful insights on digital engagement best practices as a contributing author with Hotel Tech Report and TSNN.

Lisa has also been quoted by The New York Times for her expertise on small business marketing and content creation.

She also provides insight into experiences through organizations such as HFTPCorporate Event News and AXS and has been interviewed by publications, including Yahoo Finance.

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