3 Digital Marketing Predictions For 2020

With the year and decade coming to a rapid close, I am excited to see how digital strategy will be changing over the next decade. That being said, I do have some digital marketing predictions for 2020, above and beyond the ones provided in my most recent Forbes article.

Prediction 1: Create more personalized content: As data is collected and reviewed, your digital audience will be looking for content that pertains to them, as well as suggestions of additional content that will widen their interests and understanding. For example, when I go to a website that sells athletic apparel, providing some trail runner shoes or hiking shoes might be of interest to me.

Prediction 2: Allow more specific content interaction: If I see a digital ad (which is not often as I block them) and I see a product in the ad that catches my eye, when I click on the ad, that product being shown is buried – sometimes not even on that landing page. Providing more specific content interaction would make those digital ads less of an annoyance.

Prediction 3: Keep an eye on disrupters in the digital space: I will admit that I am a huge fan of ThirdLove, not just because of the products, but because of how they have disrupted both the technology and data application to enhance the digital experience. ThirdLove is small compared to established brands like Victoria’s Secret, but they are impacting how that industry does business. If you aren’t keeping an eye out for those disrupters, you could suddenly be behind in digital engagement and see your market share suddenly erode.

Here is to a new decade and new ways to reach customers in the digital space!